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Cena na telefon

agregat wody lodowej do spawarki laserowej

Cena : Cena na telefon
Rodzaj ogłoszenia : Sprzedam
Data : 19 listopada, 2021
Stan : Nowy
Gwarancja : Tak
Lokalizacja : Poland


SKYPE: teyuchiller


Tel: + 86-20-89301885

Fax: + 86-20-84309967


The air-cooled RMFL-1000 Rack-Mount Chiller is specially designed for a 1000-1500 W handheld laser welder. In a dual-circuit configuration, this air-cooled chiller can simultaneously cool the laser source and welding head. The rack mount design makes this chiller very flexible and easy to use.


The RMFL-1000 laser water chiller is also CE, ROHS, REACH and ISO approved and is filled with environmentally friendly refrigerant, so it does not cause any environmental pollution. With a cooling capacity of 3,400 W, this chiller is sufficient to provide effective cooling for a hand-held laser welding machine.


The warranty for the chiller is 2 years.


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