• Original Meridia 15 For sale Adipex 75
  • Original Meridia 15 For sale Adipex 75

Original Meridia 15 For sale Adipex 75


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Date : 9 marca, 2022
Condition : Nowy
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If you care about Original Medicines, I invite you. 

 The most effective slimming drugs on the market today. am selling the original Meridia 15 mg and Adipex retard 75, Zelixe, Sibutril, Sibutramine. Proven Seller and the guarantee of the originality of the drug.

WhatsApp: +1 8023274457


 email: medicalmedic4live@gmail.com                                                               



Contains Sibutramine, which increases energy levels, and suppresses the appetite.  In addition, it speeds up metabolism, which greatly facilitates weight loss.

developer: Abbott |  active substance: sibutramine |  expiration date: 07/2024

30 pcs PLN 180

60 pcs 340 PLN

90 pcs 430 PLN

I have purchased an ad on this website.

ADIPEX Retard 75 mg (Phentermine) for sale / buy

Czech Adipex 75 mg contains phentermine, increases energy levels, suppresses appetite.  In addition, it speeds up metabolism, which greatly facilitates weight loss. 

active substance: Phentermine |  expiration date: 09/2024

30 pcs PLN 190

60 pcs 280 PLN

90 pcs 460 PLN



Sibutramine for sale

Sibutramine-based drugs are very effective in slimming, they effectively suppress appetite. Other drugs containing SIBUTRAMINE include Zelixa, Sibutril, Meridia

active substance: Sibutramine |  expiration date: 12/2024

30 pcs PLN 180

60 pcs 240 PLN

90 pcs 330 PLN

Zelixa only doses of 15 mg

It contains 15 mg of Sibutramine, which increases the energy level and suppresses the appetite. It is a substitute for meridia .. Additionally, it accelerates the metabolism, which makes it much easier to lose weight.

expiration date: 03/2024

30 pcs PLN 145

60 pcs PLN 245

90 pcs 335 PLN

Other drugs based on sibutramine:

Zelixa 15 mg;  Sibutril 15 mg;  Ask for an offer:

Other appetite suppressant medications for weight loss:

Phentermine 75 mg;  DNP 125 mg;  Tenuate;  Mysimba, Phen 375, Clenbuterol, Eferdine

 WhatsApp: +1 8023274457


 email: medicalmedic4live@gmail.com       

He always replies to each e-mail, if you wrote / e-mail and you are waiting for a reply, please be patient, I will write back for sure!

If you want to receive the original drug, which gives you the limits to lose weight, write to us and I will deliver such a drug to you within 3 working days.

When ordering larger quantities, individual valuation.

WhatsApp: +1 8023274457


 email: medicalmedic4live@gmail.com       

I also offer other weight loss medications such as:

T4 Levothyroxine

Cytomel T3

Yohimbine HCL

Clenbuterol / 40mcg



DNP 100 mg

PhenQ 60




Reductil 15mg


The prices are similar, write to me and I will show you the price of the drug.

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