• Sprzedajemy hurtowo telefony komórkowe
  • Sprzedajemy hurtowo telefony komórkowe

Sprzedajemy hurtowo telefony komórkowe


3,000.00 zł (Do negocjacji)

Cena : 3,000.00 zł (Do negocjacji)
Rodzaj ogłoszenia : Sprzedam
Data : 14 lutego, 2022
Stan : Nowy
Gwarancja : Tak
Marka : Apple
Lokalizacja : Krakow


We sell electronic products wholesale.


We sell both new and used products, both in retail and wholesale.


We sell the latest mobile phones, laptops, game consoles and other electronic gadgets at wholesale prices to retailers and individuals. All products are new, covered by the warranty.


Below is a list of other products we have for sale:


Camera, Tablets, Air Pods, Apple Mac Mini, Msi, Computer, Baby Toys, GoPro, TV, Fridge, Coffee Maker, SodaStream, Cisco Switch, MSI GeForce and Watch.


All our products are brand new, sealed in the original factory box and packaging.


We deliver to all countries around the world via Fedex, DHL and UPS.


100% original product, fully unlocked to all networks in all countries, new, sealed in a new box with a 2-year warranty.


We offer the best online wholesale and retail sales and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we also sell at wholesale prices to retailers and individuals.


Factory warranty and return policy are also provided.


Our prices are given in EURO and the price will be converted to the local currency after placing the order.


The interested buyer should contact us at:


E-mail: vtechelectronicseurop77@gmail.com

Skype: vtechelectronicseurop77

Name and surname: Radomil Walczak



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